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It’s time to Prepare, Polish and Perfect!

Network Coaching | Strategic Planning

Network Coaching

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, entering a room full of people requires you to be prepared to do your introduction and presentation.  You must be effective.  You’re constantly giving a first impression when networking.  So invest your time and energy preparing for each opportunity.

  • Ready Set Go! This session focuses on your introduction and 1-minute presentations.

Coaching Designed for You

Your goal is to increase your sales.  How you arrive at this can make or break your expectations.  Increase sales through confidence and follow-up.

  • Free Consultation
  • Private Coaching

Want more savings for your investment of time and money – select one of these:

  • Prepare
  • Polish
  • Perfect

Coaching Topics:

  • Presentations
  • Confidence Building
  • Tickler Techniques
  • Building Your Network
  • Interview Techniques

Strategic Planning

Establish a plan of action and execute that plan to attain your desired goals.  Reaching out and receiving your next best connection.

  • Identify your next customer
  • Identify your referral partners
  • Business Planning
  • Resume review/writing
  • Copywriting/Content

Speaking & Vocal Performance

Have Anita join your organization for a dynamic presentation.


  • Time Management
  • How to Say “No”
  • Passing up Opportunities
  • Vocal Performance


Anita has been extremely successful in growing every business she has participated.  She holds a B.S. in Business Administration and B.S. in Sales and Marketing. She is a magnet of people. During 2003, while experiencing a serious health concern, she realized she was put on this earth to connect people. Helping others succeed.

For years, Anita has encouraged and helped others to take leaps of faith to their dreams. She has worked in many industries such as property management, construction, employment recruiting, retail and finance and has always had a part time business  (including MLMs) to fill her gap.  She taught fellow business owners how to attract and grow their own business teams.  Her administrative business began in 2009 serving people with resume writing, interview coaching, bookkeeping and strategic planning. Providing coaching and encouragement has been a consistent element of her journey.

Here it is 2017 and she is finally applying her own strengths and stepping out to focus her business on what comes natural to her. Identifying and guiding people to avenues of leads and options for growing in their business.

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